Are you into gaming? GDC 2024 is just around the corner

We will be exhibiting at the upcoming GDC event and would love to connect with you F2F if you are attending the gaming developers conference in San Francisco. Message us here and we will schedule a time to connect and get you some free swag!


I am, and I wish Apple would seriously embrace the gaming technologies already in place without forcing everyone on macOS to use Metal and such. They don’t seem to understand that nowadays game devs have to go multiplatform or else they don’t make enough money to cover the costs of their games (for AAA developers at least.)

In other words, I wish I could use a Mac as a daily runner but alas, I’m gaming so I’m stuck with a Windows PC (or a Steam Deck)

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We feel your pain. It would be great if you can connect with our team at GDC. @jasondavis will be there and I know he would love to talk to you!

Hey @AxelTerizaki - Look forward to connecting at the show!
You bring up a few interesting points:

  1. I find most game devs use Windows as their dev environment b/c the Editors (at least Unity and Unreal) are generally more optimized for that platform.

  2. When looking at which platforms game devs build for, I am seeing an increase in Mac (GDC 2023 report indicates 18% of those surveyed are building games for MacOS, which I think has been growing in recent years.)

  3. I have seen game devs developing on Windows get started for iOS and Mac builds using solutions like Unity Cloud Build. You still have to jump through hoops with things like Apple hardware to generate certificates, and I agree it should be easier! We find some folks using MacStadium for this very purpose.

  4. I see the Metal APIs more as a foundational way to optimize your games for the Mac and iOS platform, and used by Unity and Unreal (and probably other engines) when they are compiling for those platforms, much like DX12 is used for Windows.

See you at Moscone!

Oh, my apologies, there’s a misunderstanding here, I’m not a game dev :slight_smile: So I won’t attend the GDC. I’m an avid gamer though, outside of my dev work.