Asahi Linux on Bare-Metal Macs

We have bare-metal machines with MacStadium. Would it be possible to replace macOS or dual-boot with Asahi Linux? This would be to avoid VMs to run Containers.

@Nush This isn’t something that we currently support, but it’s something that we’ll consider as a part of our future offerings. If you don’t mind me asking, what are some of the issues that you’re seeing with Containers in VMs on macOS?

Thanks @mpulsipher for the info. We do actually have an Orka cluster too with MacStadium, which we use for our mobile CI/CD. There are also a couple apps that we run permanently on bare-metals (faster and cheaper than the per-core virtualisation-licensing). For these applications, performance is key, and we’ve seen some reports of Asahi Linux being a lot more performant than containers in VMs, and even macOS itself for that matter.