Happy 40th birthday to the Apple Macintosh!

When did you get your first Mac? Do you remember what model it was?

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My first Apple was an Apple IIC in 1985!

My first Mac wasn’t until the late 90s and I have been the IT “problem child” everywhere I have worked because I needed a Mac to do my job in a Windows world. So glad to be here at MacStadium where I “fit in!”


Wow… my first experience with Apple was the Apple II. There was only 1 computer in my elementary school and after using it I was hooked. My Mom and Dad knew I wanted a computer but we couldn’t afford it. In 1990, when I was 10 years old, my Grandfather and one of the elderly lady coworkers that I used to chat with, surprised me. They put their money together to purchase one of the used computers from the office. Then at Christmas, after all the gifts were supposedly handed out (I hadn’t received much at that point), my Grandfather showed up with large boxes covered in trash bags. I had no idea that my life was about to change. I opened those boxes and saw the Apple II Plus logo… I slowly closed the box lid, stepped back, went to my room, and laid down with an immediate headache from shock. Once I recovered, I dove right into learning how to use the computer and coded in BASIC programming (which I was already learning in Math class). It wasn’t long before I tore it open to see how it worked. I’ve been tearing into computers and writing software ever since! :stuck_out_tongue:


What a great story and how cool that your grandfather invested into your future. Sometimes the best things come in trash bags! :star_struck:


Got my first Apple IIe in 1984 - changed my life - started my computer company using that machine - fond memories.


What a great testimony for Apple - launching businesses and helping people live their dreams! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community.