Apple Announces New MacBook Air Models With M3 Chip

As rumored, Apple announced MacBook Air with M3 via press release this morning. Interestingly, they didn’t announce rumored upgrades to the iPad lineup, nor did they update the Mac mini.


Personally, I’m curious as to whether Apple will skip the M3 for the Mac mini this generation, as most of the improvements are tied to efficiency and performance improvements in lower-end models, with the M3 Pro being only slightly faster than the M2 Pro. Apple has done this over the last few years with various products (such as the iMac with M1), most likely to better manage their supply chain. The iPad Air remains the only device left with M1, while Vision Pro and the iPad Pro continue to ship with M2 chips. While I’m not sure if Apple will announce a Mac mini with M3, I do think they will release a new Mac Studio later this year, as the M3 Max is a substantial upgrade to the M2 Max, leaving great potential for M3 Ultra.

Interesting perspective for sure and I wonder who else here might agree with that? Inquiring minds…