How we turned our Mac-mini instance into a remote Apple workstation

We use a MacStadium-sponsored Mac mini instance to develop our open-source Neutralinojs framework for Apple computers.

Here is how we turned the Mac mini instance into a remote workstation:

  • Installed Git and VS Code, and cloned our open-source repositories
  • Installed components needed for building Neutralinojs: C++ compiler and Python
  • Connected to the Mac mini instance via VNC using the Remmina remote desktop client

Now, we can write code, compile, and test on Mac using any GNU/Linux platform. I typically write Linux-specific code on Ubuntu and push it into a new branch, then I pull the code from Mac mini via Remmina, write Apple-specific code, and push the modified code again to the same branch. Life is so easy with MacStadium <3

Here is a screenshot of our workstation:


Note that you can also connect remotely through SSH via a local VS Code app. We use that at work with Linux servers on shared dev servers.

VNC is nice and all for graphical stuff but nothing beats your own local VS Code app (unless you’re using dumb toaster terminals of course)


@shalithasuranga We love the work that you are doing. Keep us posted on the progress and how things are going.

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