Neutralinojs - An open-source framework for building lightweight desktop apps

Hello everyone! I am Shalitha, the maintainer of the Neutralinojs open-source project. This is my first post on the MacStadium community! Today, I am sharing an open-source framework that helps you to build lightweight, cross-platform, desktop apps with web technologies.

Neutralinojs is a lightweight and portable desktop application development framework. It lets you develop lightweight cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can extend Neutralinojs with any programming language (via extensions IPC) and use Neutralinojs as a part of any source file (via child processes IPC).

We use a MacStadium-sponsored Mac mini instance to develop Neutralinojs on MacOS. I’ll share more details on how we use MacStadium’s Mac instance in another post.

Creating a desktop app is so easy:

 npm i -g @neutralinojs/neu
 neu create myapp
 cd myapp
 neu run

Read more about this open-source project by navigating to its official website: