QOTD: Where do you go for technology news?

There are so many tech news outlets to choose from. Which is your “go to” and why?

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TLDR & iOS Dev Weekly are staples for me


I am a fan of TLDR, Dev Ops Digest and Apple Insider

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For mainstream tech news, Ars Technica is probably the best source I’ve found, they go into a bit more detail than most outlets, though they can have luddite opinions on AI or other emerging technologies at times.

For Apple news, I follow MacRumors most closely, they are fairly consistent at reporting both news and rumors for Apple releases, without as much general tech news overlap as other Apple news sources (since I get that elsewhere).

IMO, RSS is vital in following news sites, you don’t really want to miss something because the algorithm deemed it less relevant.

That said, despite the controversy, I do find X/Twitter to still be very relevant, especially when following new and emerging technologies. Oftentimes, I see things go viral there a few days before Ars and the other outlets pick it up, it feels like a primary source medium in a way that other sites haven’t been able to replicate.