SSH and VNC to MacOS system

I want to connect to your cloud’s MacOS system from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with Ubuntu Pro by the way…

I want to SSH and VNC or maybe Remote Desktop Protocol in other words RDP

How it can be solved ? I want to connect within GNU Emacs or by the system’s terminal app.

Thanks and happy hacking !

@hwpplayer1 Our Macs have VNC and SSH installed by default, using Apple’s built-in Screen Sharing and SSH servers. While this article covers different clients, you should be able to access it in the same way that you’d access any standard UNIX/Linux box: Connecting to a Mac mini

The built-in Screen Sharing server does have some accelerated features when connecting to it via the Screen Sharing client for macOS, but it is otherwise backwards compatible with standard VNC clients.

I believe there are some third-party RDP servers for Mac as well, if you’d rather use RDP.


Thanks I got the idea ! See you soon @mpulsipher