What is the coolest app?

I am just curious what developers find “cool” when it comes to apps. I have favorites of course that help me in my daily life…but the coolest? I am not sure. Share yours here and I will go try them out!

GNU Emacs is my coolest app :sunglasses:


Interesting? I have never heard of it, but I see that it is a text editor for Emacs Lisp. I am learning so much from the incredibly smart people in this community. How do you use this app in your daily world?

I use Emacs for editing system files like shell configuration, coding in local and remote, I send emails from local to other people, I read PDF, and also copy the text after pdf-tools-install command. I write to my mastodon account, I chat over IRC via ERC client …

There is also org mode but I don’t use it for now.

You should try emacs — Homebrew Formulae on your Mac device ( I guess you run MacOS )

Thanks and happy hacking !

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I do run macOS…I will certainly check it out. And BTW - welcome to the community!

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Thanks, your contribution is very appreciated… See you

I used Emacs back in the early 90s. Between it and vim I’m glad to see how so much of the older Unix technology is still in use!

As far as a cool app, there are so many, but I’d have to say Obsidian: https://obsidian.md/ is definitely one of my favorites for note taking/making and daily journaling.