Who's looked into the new M3 chips?

While we patiently wait for new minis to be announced, the MacStadium team got our hands on a few MacBooks to put M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max to the test.

We focus on CPU, GPU, and XcodeBenchmark.

You can learn more about our benchmarking process here.

The results?

M3 proves impressive compared to its predecessors. Here’s some quick stats from our reports:

  • M3 chips have a 15% increase in performance for single-core tasks (Geekbench 6)
  • M3 Max is just 8% slower than M2 Ultra with image generation with Stable Diffusion (Diffusers app)
  • M3 Pro offerings an 11-second (~11%) advantage over the 12-Core M2 Pro (XcodeBenchmark)

See more results like these in our benchmark reports:

M3 and M3 Pro

M3 Max

What are your thoughts about the M3 series so far? Expectations for the M3 Ultra?


My prediction: Heavy focus on Mac Studio in 2024. We’ll be sure to offer the best of the lineup.