WWDC 2024: Check out our WWDC bingo card!

We’re 1 week away from #WWDC24! :computer: What’s everyone most excited to see?

To celebrate and add an extra layer of fun, we have created a WWDC bingo card for the kickoff Keynote.

When you hear mention of or see imagery of the bingo card items, simply mark them off. Get 5 in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), and you BINGO! :raised_hands:

Post a picture of your winning bingo card here on the Community for a chance to win a set of noise-canceling headphones. :headphones:

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Here are my predictions, as long as we get that California landmark, I think it’s up for grabs to whoever can post the fastest!

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Outside exactly what will be announced, these Apple announcement events themselves (features/format/vibe) are very predictable :laughing:

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I’d love it if they went back to the stage, but I can also appreciate that they’re not willing to take any risks as one of the largest companies in the world now.