WWDC + AI - How Long Do You Think Until AI is Mentioned?

We’re gearing up for WWDC24! :fire: There will be lots of hot topics discussed at this year’s keynote + sessions - We’re wondering which topics will make the cut. We’d love to know how fast you think AI will be mentioned. :point_down:

At the start of WWDC, will they say “AI” in the first 5 minutes?

  1. Over 5 minutes
  2. Under 5 minutes

Share your thoughts with us!


Under 5 minutes has my vote!

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To me this was the main take away - they clearly were avoiding any mention of AI so the unveiling of Apple Intelligence made an even larger impact. It was pure genius!

Like I said over on LinkedIn, it’s safe to say I was right about Apple not talking about AI in the first 5 minutes :wink: